Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

Amour x2

Saw "Amour" a second time within 24 hours and picked up even more tonal nuances in Michael Haneke's intricate screenplay as well as heartbreaking details in Emmanuelle Riva's impeccable performance as the dying piano teacher.

Modest in scope but grand in emotional repercussions, this movie is like a piece of chamber music, intimate and neat, all the while destined to end quietly on the saddest note.


Love is put to the ultimate test in Michael Haneke's pristine and powerful "Amour".

While the depiction of old age with all the predicaments and indignities that come with it might seem exploitative and mean, in the end, this movie is about love in its most violent forms and under the most precarious circumstances, which is what makes this Palme d'Or winner so frighteningly human.